Three 囚犯 Were Executed in 乌尔米亚 和 扎赫丹

发表于: 2019年12月5日

2019年12月3日上午,两名囚犯在乌尔米亚监狱被处决。他们在一天前被转移到团结禁闭室,以准备处决。乌尔米亚监狱的囚犯Morteza Ashrafi和Ali Mahmoudpour因谋杀罪被较早判处死刑。当天,扎赫丹监狱还处决了一名囚犯。 27岁的Elyas Nooti Zehi因三年前谋杀罪名被判处死刑。这些处决的消息尚未被伊朗媒体公布。

According to the international organizations, Iran ranks first in the world in executions per capita. From October 10, 2018, to October 8, 2019, the Iranian authorities issued death penalty sentence to 134 individuals 和 have already carried out 242次执行 including 16 public executions.  At least five of the executed were juvenile offenders who were under the age of 18 at the time of committing the crime. Secret executions of prisoners reported by the independent sources 和 the human rights association indicate that 72% of executions are carried out in secret or without any public notice.

A Daily Overview of 人权 Violations in Iran for January 15, 2019

发表于: 2019年1月15日

的 following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on 2019年1月15日 based on the information compiled 和 verified by 人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)。

(1) 阿巴斯·莱萨尼(Abbas Lesani), Azerbaijani Turkic minority rights activist, was arrested after his court session. He was tried in absentia 和 sentenced to 10 months imprisonment on the charge of ‘反对国家的宣传’.

(2)在克尔曼省的Qaleh Ganj,一辆运输学生的汽车坠毁,造成四名学生受伤。

(3) A report of mistreatment in 扎赫丹 prison: 佐比尔·豪特, a prisoner with severe skin disease, was denied medical care. Alireza Bampouri, 扎比霍拉·瑞吉(Zabihollah Rigi), 和 拉希德·阿瓦拉尼(Rashid Ahourani) have been beaten 和 transferred to quarantine, punitively.

(4) 穆罕默德·纳杰菲(Mohammad Najafi) court was in session today. He is a lawyer 和 human rights activist who is serving his 三 years sentence in prison 和 faced 74 lashes 和 14 more years imprisonment for his new charges of ‘spreading lies 和 disturbing public opinion’.

(5) 的 attorney for the plaintiffs in the Social Security Organization case, Mostafa Turk Hamedani, was sentenced to 40 lashes 和 6-months imprisonment for the complaint filed by 赛义德·莫塔扎维(Saeed Mortazavi), the former general prosecutor of Tehran.

(6) Two workers died 和 eight have been injured in their workplaces in the cities of 卡尚 和 亚兹德, because of negligence in the oversight of safety conditions.

(7) An accused individual in the city of 萨尔马斯 received an alternative sentencing to prepare banner 和 brochures about ‘crime prevention’. 其他wise, he would be sentenced to support two recovering addicts 和 meet their basic needs.

(8) 萨巴·科德·阿夫沙尔(Saba Kord-Afshar), Yasaman Aryani, 和 阿扎尔·海达里(Azar Heydari) wrote an open letter from 埃文 prison about people’s financial 和 政治 situation. 的y were arrested in August 2018 while taking part in a public protest in Tehran.

(9) 阿米尔·侯赛因·穆罕默迪法尔 和 萨纳兹·阿拉哈里(Sanaz Allahyari) who were arrested by the security forces on January 9, have been transferred to 埃文 Prison, section 209. 的y were working as editors of “Gam” journal.

(10) More than five 抗议 were organized all over the country: several teachers in 亚兹德, firefighters in Abadan, workers of inter-city rail in Ahvaz, Nishabur municipality workers, 和 the shareholders of financial institution of 里海人.

(11)劳工活动家哈比卜·艾哈迈迪(Habib Ahmadi)在被拘留40天后被保释。他被控‘与库尔德反对派团体的合作’.

(12) A prisoner was publicly executed in 法拉瓦尔詹 county in 伊斯法罕 province. He was accused of murdering a 5-year old girl, Melika. In 2018, at least 236 people have been executed 和 195 people have been sentenced to death in Iran.

(13)一次地雷爆炸在克尔曼沙什省Qasr-e Shirin市造成两名士兵受伤。伊朗超过42,000平方公里的土地‘西部省份存在伊伊战争带来的地雷。

A Daily Overview of 人权 Violations in Iran for December 28, 2018

发表于: 2018年12月28日

的 following 是对2018年12月28日伊朗侵犯人权行为的概述 on the information compiled 和 verified by 人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA).

(1) 扎赫拉·阿巴斯(Zahra Abbasi), a 16-year-old pregnant girl, self-immolated 和 died in Dishmok city in Kohgiluyeh 和 Boyer-Ahmad Province. Five other women have self-immolated in Dishmok in the current year.

(2) During the last few days, 24 residents of 亨迪扬 have been transferred to hospital for drinking contaminated water. 的y have been diagnosed with dysentery.

(3) Two Azerbaijani Turkic rights activists, 雷扎·贾法鲁(Reza Jafarlou) 和 Akbar Gholizadeh, who had been arrested on December 10th 和 detained in 乌尔米亚监狱 were released on bail. Three other activists, Oldouz Ghasemi, Amir 萨塔尔i, 和 贾瓦德·艾哈迈迪·耶卡尼里 were summoned to the Revolutionary Court in Naqadeh.

(4) 穆罕默德·佩伯·马力克·瑞西 和 希尔·艾哈迈德·希拉尼(Shir Ahmad Shirani), two 政治 prisoners of Ardabil prison, who were returned to the prison after 12 days of interrogation, have been transferred to quarantine. 的y also have been barred from having visitors or phone calls.

(5)埃文监狱的政治犯塞耶德·穆罕默德·穆罕默德(赛义德·穆罕默德·穆罕默迪)被判2年徒刑14个月。他被指控‘反对国家的宣传’, ‘侮辱最高领导人’, 和 ‘侮辱当局’.


(7) 扎赫丹 prisoners suffer from lack of access to adequate medical 和 mental health care, mistreatment by prisoners’ staff, malnutrition, quarantined when they complained about their situation, etc.


(9) Three 抗议 和 strikes have been organized on December 28, 2018. Nishabur public service workers, Farmers of 伊斯法罕 province, 和 staff of Islamic Azad University Meybod branch, requested their demands in separate 抗议.

A Daily Overview of 人权 Violations in Iran for December 27, 2018

发表于: 2018年12月27日

的 following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on 2018年12月27日 based on the information compiled 和 verified by 人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)。



(3) A prisoner in 扎赫丹 prison had been stripped naked, tied up to a metal fence, 和 beaten after an argument with the prison deputy. Alireza Mohammadi is accused of robbery 和 was sentenced to six years imprisonment. In addition, A prisoner, Omran Mirakzehi, was beaten in Saravan prison 和 had been transferred to quarantine.

(4) Salahedin Ranjbar, a cyber activist, who has been previously sentenced to one year in prison, was arrested 和 transferred to Supermax ward for violent inmates of 乌尔米亚监狱 to serve his sentence on December 23.

(5)在Kavous Seyed Emami提起的诉讼中’的家人反对伊朗伊斯兰共和国广播公司(National Republic of Broadcasting)播放的一个虚假描述他的节目。他的家人还要求取消对Seyed-Emami的旅行禁令‘s spouse.

(6) Three 抗议 have been held across the country. Educators 和 retired teachers protested in 伊斯法罕 和 乌尔米亚. Police fired tear gas at protestors 和 several of them have been arrested. Moreover, farmers in 伊斯法罕 protested 和 requested fulfilment of their demands.

(7) A prisoner who was accused of murder was saved from death with forgiveness 和 consent of the next of kin, after spending five years in the Dezful prison.




(11) Family 和 friends of Shahram Farajzadeh Tarani have been prevented from marking the anniversary of his death. 的 video of his death drew worldwide attention after he was ran over by a police vehicle during the 2009 Iranian election 抗议.

A Daily Overview of 人权 Violations in Iran for December 12, 2018

发表于: 2018年12月12日

的 以下 is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on 2018年12月12日 based on the information compiled 和 verified by 人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)。

(1)政治 Vahid Sayadi Nasiri的囚犯去世 绝食60天后的监狱

(2) 电子邮件Bakhshi 和 迈萨姆·马赫迪(Meisam Al-Mahdi), Detained Labor Activists, Released on Bail

(3) Security Forces Arrested Four Citizens in 乌尔米亚, 皮兰沙尔, 和 Divandarreh

(4)阿里·卡姆兰尼(Ali Kamrani)在完成服刑后释放

(5) Three inmates were beaten 和 their hands 和 feet have been tied by a prison officer 




(1)政治 Vahid Sayadi Nasiri的囚犯去世 绝食60天后的监狱

瓦希德·萨亚迪·纳西里(Vahid Sayadi Nasiri)去世 绝食60天后在库姆监狱服刑。绝食60天后,他被关押在库姆的兰加鲁德监狱 医疗。他面临着“亵渎”和“针对 the state”. He went on hunger strike in protest to his legal situation. His family was contacted today 和 received the news of his death in Shahid Beheshti hospital in Qom.

(2) 电子邮件Bakhshi 和 迈萨姆·马赫迪(Meisam Al-Mahdi), Detained Labor Activists, Released on Bail

伊朗国家钢铁工业集团激进分子Meisam Al-Mahdi于12月11日被捕,今天被释放。此外,柄塔佩甘蔗的工人Esmail Bakhshi 农业商业今天被保释。在最近的抗议活动中被捕的其他劳工激进分子的下落仍在 未知。另外,被拘留的老师Ali Kroshat和Hamedi Nargesi’的右翼活动家已被保释。他于2018年11月12日在胡泽斯坦的老师抗议中被捕。被捕的教师穆罕默德·拉梅赞扎德(穆罕默德(Mohammad Ramezanzadeh))和奥米德·沙莫莫哈玛迪(Omid Shahmohammadi)的身份未知。

(3) Security Forces Arrested Four Citizens in 乌尔米亚, 皮兰沙尔, 和 Divandarreh

在Urmia,Piranshahr和Divandarreh的安全部队和情报部门的官员逮捕了四名公民。中心 of Democracy and Human Rights in Kurdistan reported that in this week, Soleiman Mohammadnezhad, Bapir Barzeh, Jamal Mahmoudzadeh, 和 Homayun Bahmani were arrested in 皮兰沙尔, 乌尔米亚, 和 Divandarreh 和 were transferred to an unknown place. Moreover, Jamshid Derakhshan, who converted to Christianity 和 was arrested by security forces on December 2nd , contacted his family today 和 informed that he has been transferred to Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj.

(4)阿里·卡姆兰尼(Ali Kamrani)在完成服刑后释放

阿里·卡姆兰尼(Ali Kamrani) a student of Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University who was arrested on December 31, 2017 和 was accused of “insulting the supreme leader” 和“spreading propaganda against the state” was released on December 12, 2018 after completing his prison sentence of 三 months.

(5) Three inmates were beaten 和 their hands 和 feet have been tied by a prison officer 

On December 11, 2018, 三 inmates in 扎赫丹 prison were beaten by the prison officers 和 have been left in quarantine with tied hands 和 feet. 阿雷夫·哈库希(Aref Kharkouhi), 26 years old inmate who was accused of Moharebeh through armed robbery, Mehrollah Rigi, 24 years old prisoner with a murder charge, 和 雷扎·巴梅里(Reza Bameri) are inmates who were transferred to quarantine. 的y were held in wardfive of the 扎赫丹 prison.


伊朗伊斯兰共和国航空公司(Iran Air)的空姐举行了一次议会抗议,塔佩佩(Tappeh)甘蔗农业商业工人,伊朗大学入学考试(Konkour)参与者,阿巴丹地区Arvandkenar县的工人和雇员举行了抗议活动。 ,拥有Arvandi汽车的40人,Ahvaz钢铁公司的工人,破产的股东 Caspian 该机构和德黑兰市的承包商要求在多次抗议活动中实现他们的要求。


贝南·易卜拉欣扎德, a labor activist, was arrested on December 12, 2018 和 transferred to an unknown place. He was convicted in absentia 和 sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

Unpaid wages earned within six months owed to workers in two corporations in Talesh 和 Borujerd


发表于: 2018年11月5日

人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)- On Thursday, November 1, 2018, 三 prisoners from Sarbaz County in Sistan 和 Baluchestan Province were transferred from an Intelligence office to 扎赫丹 Prison after two months of interrogations.

During the arrest, security forces reportedly opened fire on the men, injuring one of them who has yet to receive medical treatment. HRANA has identified these prisoners as 阿塔霍拉(Atahollah Shahbakhsh), 25, 塞勒姆·沙赫巴赫什(Salem Shahbakhsh), 23, 和 贾维德·沙巴赫什(Javid Shahbakhsh), 27.

An informed source told HRANA that prison authorities transferred the men to different wards on Thursday: 贾维德·沙巴赫什(Javid Shahbakhsh) to Ward 8, 塞勒姆·沙赫巴赫什(Salem Shahbakhsh) to Ward 6, 和 Ataollah Shahbakhsh to Ward 5 和 that a bullet wound on 塞勒姆·沙赫巴赫什(Salem Shahbakhsh)’s left hand has gone untreated.

“These prisoners were beaten 和 tortured in the intelligence detention center for about two months,” the source said, adding that they faced charges of “acting against national security” 和 ” cooperation with opposition groups.”

扎赫丹 Central Prison: 6 Untimely Deaths in 7 Months

发表于: 2018年10月31日

人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA) – 一名50岁的男子在10月27日到达扎赫丹中央监狱的一天之内死于胃肠道疾病。

He was reportedly suffering from severe diarrhea when he was transferred from quarantine to Ward 6. He received no medical care 和 died later that night.


Despite a dearth of medical staff, supplies, 和 equipment, 扎赫丹 Central has been reluctant to transfer prisoners to outside hospitals, 即使这种转移是生死攸关的问题.


·Abdolnabi Saresi,于9月28日因未治疗的疾病去世
·6号病房的Gholamreza Goul于9月15日去世
·Ward 1的Ramin Dokaleh于5月31日去世
·5号病房的Gholam Nab Reigi于5月29日去世
·8号病房的纳西尔·佐拉吉(Nasir Zoraghi)于5月死于未经治疗的心脏病

扎赫丹 is the capital of the Southeastern province of Sistan 和 Baluchestan, bordering Pakistan 和 Afghanistan 和 home to the Baloch ethnic minority.


发表于: 2018年10月30日

人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)- 的 政治 prisoners in 扎赫丹 prison continue to endure mistreatment at the hands of personnel, the harassment of their families by authorities, malnutrition, medical negligence, arbitrary restriction on furlough, 和 the temperature extremes of an overcrowded prison without climate control.

Constructions 和 repairs on two wards have dragged on since last year 和 exacerbated overpopulation concerns at the prison, where many inmates spend nights on their floor.

A close source said that visiting-room personnel 和 the supervising judge’s office are not above disparaging prisoners’ visiting kin, 和 cited the judge’s secretary as having particularly hostile conduct toward guests. 的 visiting-room personnel reportedly condone a guest-inspection protocol that is forceful 和 intrusive enough to have dissuaded a number of family members from returning.


“Some of the prison staff, like Haji Keykhah, get promoted every year despite mistreatment of prisoners 和 histories of sexual misconduct,” one 扎赫丹 prisoner, recently released after 20 years, told HRANA. “Khalili [former personnel] 和 Mohsen Khajeh are two authorities who instigate fights between prisoners 和 staff. Each has their own group of cronies who smuggle narcotics into the prison.”




A recently-released prisoner who worked at the cafeteria 和 prison shop told HRANA that the cafeteria staffs its kitchen with prisoners paid between 100 和 200 tomans [approximately $6 和 $12 USD] per month, “resulting in very poor-quality meals.” 的 prison shop, stocking only laundry detergent 和 dishwasher liquid, offers nothing to supplement a hungry prisoner’s diet.

扎赫丹(Zahedan)是东南部锡斯坦省的首府& Baluchistan, which borders Pakistan 和 is home to Iran’s Baloch minority.

Iran: An Overview of 人权 Abuses September – October 2018

发表于: 2018年10月29日

人权 Activist 新闻 Agency (HRANA) – 的 以下 is an overview of human rights violations in Iran between September 23rd 和 October 22, 2018, per information compiled 和 verified by the Statistics, Publications, 和 Achievements Division of 人权 Activists in Iran (HRAI).

Domestic restrictions in Iran on independent human rights reporting make it difficult to capture the full extent of these issues on the ground. 的 以下 overview draws on the work of HRANA reporters, as well as a network of independent 和 verifiable sources, including other human rights associations operating outside Iran’s borders.


Human rights violations continued all across the country over the past month, 和 included, but were not limited to: executions, child abuse, mass arrests, violation of prisoners’ rights, violation of freedom of expression, labor abuses, 和 unchecked environmental pollution.


死刑仍然是伊朗最严重的侵犯人权行为。 10月10日-世界反对死刑日-HRAI统计中心发布了 年度报告 to sensitize the public about the situation of the death penalty in Iran. 的 report provides statistics about executions carried out in this country between October 10, 2017, 和 October 9, 2018.

超过25名市民, 包括少年犯, were executed in the last month (between September 23rd 和 October 22, 2018). More than 20 individuals, 包括少年犯, were sentenced to death. Four people were executed in public.

HRANA能够识别或收集有关死囚的详细信息,其中包括伊斯兰革命卫队(IRGC)的前成员, Arsalan Khodkam莱拉·塔吉克(Leila Tajik)的前配偶, 赫达亚特·阿卜杜勒拉普 和 三 individuals convicted of financial crimes. New details on the executions of 赞亚·莫拉迪(Zanyar Moradi), 罗格曼·莫拉迪(Loghman Moradi), 和 拉明·侯赛因·帕纳西 在此期间也有报道。

Freedom of Thought 和 Expression

Freedoms of thought 和 expression were also widely restricted over the past 30 days.

逮捕: Arrestees in this category included a Shiraz city council member, 艾哈迈德·阿林贾德(Ahmad Alinejad) 和 his wife, 至少20位居民 of Kohgiluyeh 和 Boyer-Ahmad province, writer 和 Mashad resident 阿巴斯·瓦希甸, 扎赫拉·马伊德(Zahra Majd) in 伊斯法罕, 和 six individuals involved in the Freedom Movement of Iran, arrested in Nain (near 伊斯法罕).

信念: 莱拉·米尔·加法里 被判入狱两年 埃拉尔·加瓦米(Ejlal Ghavami) 到8个月,哈桑·阿巴斯(Hassan Abbasi)到35个月(5个7个月监禁), 阿拉克居民 to 1 year 和 30 lashings, 哈米德雷扎·阿米尼(Hamidreza Amini) to 11 years. 女装 who protested this past August were sentenced from 6 months to 1 year in prison, 穆罕默德(Mohammad Mahdavifar) was sentenced to 4 years 和 6 months, a dual-nationality defendant faces 8 years 和 6 months in prison, Soheil Arabi faces 3 years in prison, 3 years in exile, 和 a fine; the prison sentence of 阿卜杜勒扎·甘巴里(Abdolreza Ghanbari) 增加到15年 阿里雷扎·莫伊尼安(Alireza Moeinian) 被判处8个月监禁;新的6个月徒刑延长了 赛义德(Saeed Shirzad) 到2020年; 六个阿拉克居民 arrested amid the January 抗议 were collectively sentenced to a total of 6 years in prison 和 444 lashings, 和 a group of 政治 activists in Kohgiluyeh 和 Boyer-Ahmad province were sentenced to exile 和 prison terms ranging from 8 to 18 years.

十一名民权主义者, including 穆罕默德·纳杰菲(Mohammad Najafi), 阿里·巴格里(Ali Bagheri), 和 阿巴斯野生动物园 were sentenced to 3 years in prison 和 74 lashings. Behzad Ali Bakhshi, 穆罕默德·雅格比, 优素福·希拉拉德(Yousef Shirilard), 内达·尤塞菲, 达沃德·拉希米(Davoud Rahimi), Massoud Ajlou 和 穆罕默德Torabi were sentenced to 1 year in prison 和 74 lashings, suspended over five years. 凯恩·萨德吉(Kian Sadeghi) faces 3 years in prison 和 74 lashings, suspended over five years. 莫特萨·纳扎里(Morteza Nazari) was sentenced to a total of 13 years in prison, 2 years of exile, 和 a fine; Zahra Zare Seraji, on the same convictions, to 8 years in prison 和 a fine. 的ir co-defendants 阿里·卡比米尔 和 阿里·巴扎扎德(Ali Bazazadeh) were both sentenced to 13 years in prison 和 exile.

传票: 哈米德·法罗赫内扎德(Hamid Farrokhnezhad), 萨莱西,许多改革派政治活动家,德黑兰市议会议员 Kazem Imanzadeh, 侯赛因·艾哈迈迪·尼亚兹, 和 穆罕默德·纳杰菲(Mohammad Najafi) were all summoned by courts 和 the Ministry of Intelligence.

审查制度: 的 weekly magazines “Nabze Bazaar” 和 “Paytakht Kohan,” as well as the website “EntekhabKhabar,” were convicted in press court. Courts also issued indictments for the Chief Executive Officers of “Shargh” 和 “Shahrvand” newspapers for their reporting on sexual tourism. 的 National Front of Iran was prevented from holding its Central Council meeting in Tehran, a journalist was beaten by Qazvin municipal agents, 和 库尔德学生 被禁止接受教育,大概是因为他的政治背景。

囚犯’ Rights
囚犯 are rarely protected from cruel 和 unusual punishments, 和 their rights to proper nutrition, hygiene, 和 medical treatment are systematically violated. A few of these victims are detailed below by category of violation.

Raids 和 beatings: 监狱特工被打 阿拉什(Arash Sadeghi) 在他的癌症手术现场;乌尔米亚监狱当局 袭击政治犯 和 injured them severely, inciting them to 数十人绝食;另一名乌尔米亚囚犯遭到殴打; a prisoner was beaten 和 injured Rajai Shahr监狱人员;阿巴斯港监狱当局 打破了囚犯的手指;乌尔米亚囚犯 遭受了TBI after a beating by authorities; 和 prisoners were forcefully undressed 和 beaten in 扎赫丹 Prison.

停药: 一个囚犯死了 after being denied medical care in 扎赫丹 Prison. 法哈德·梅萨米(Farhad Meysami), 阿拉什(Arash Sadeghi), 和 a prisoner in Sanandaj were also denied medical treatment.

没有: 数十名Gachsaran囚犯 发起抗议 和 hunger strikes in opposition to prison conditions. Six Gonabadi Dervish prisoners continued in an ongoing hunger strike. 雷扎·西加奇(Reza Sigarchi), also in an act of protest, refused food 和 medicine in Great Tehran Penitentiary, while 8 Gonabadi Dervishes at the same penitentiary 和 卡拉伊的8名巴哈伊囚犯 在行政雷达中消失了30天。 豪斯曼·阿里普尔 被拒绝访问律师。 三名囚犯 in the 女装’s Ward of 埃文 Prison were blocked from receiving visits, 和 the fate of sequestered labor activist 和 Sanandaj resident 赞亚·达巴吉安 仍然未知。

三名囚犯企图自杀 扎赫丹, 乌尔米亚, 和 Saravan prisons. Local sources consistently impute prisoner suicides 和 suicide attempts to the violence 和 oppression of prison life.

Religious 和 少数民族

Religious 和 ethnic minorities remained under threat 和 consistent judicial pressures this past month.

巴哈教徒: 八位巴哈伊公民 在巴哈雷斯坦(伊斯法罕附近)被捕, 在卡拉伊被捕 其中之一 had his business forcibly shut down, 和 在设拉子被捕。
[其中一些逮捕反映出协调一致或 集体逮捕, 和 linked 文章s will reflect that information overlap].
亚兹德(Yazd)的一名巴哈伊居民被阻止继续接受教育, 因信仰而被解雇, 和 巴哈伊囚犯的父母 在搜寻囚犯后被暂时拘留’s home.

逊尼派: 在Zahedan-Khash公路巡逻办公室,五名逊尼派学者被隔离了几个小时。 Ghalamouei神学院的学者中的三名Bal路支公民在伊朗南部的锡里克县被捕。逊尼派学者 表示强烈抗议 在一名足球运动员的公开声明中,他们指控他们蔑视逊尼派。

Yamani宗教团体的六名成员 在伊泽(Izeh)县也被捕,大概是因为他们的信仰。

少数民族: Arab citizens were arrested, 和 are still being 全体被捕 在阿瓦士游行袭击之后。 HRANA仍在确认被捕者的身份,根据当地报告的数量,这一数字已达数百人。其他涉嫌种族歧视的逮捕包括纳辛·萨德吉(Nasim Sadeghi), 穆罕默德·阿卜杜勒·穆罕默德·扎德, Mojtaba Parvin, 易卜拉欣·迪瓦兹(Ebrahim Divazi), as well as residents of Ilam, Ahvaz, Marivan, 乌尔米亚, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Saqqez, Pevah, Oshnavieh, 和 Sardasht.

有消息传出 阿巴斯·拉萨尼(Abbas Lasani), Kiumars Eslami, 埃格巴尔·艾哈迈德普,Keyvan Olyali, 侯赛因·阿里·穆罕默迪·阿尔瓦以及Sanandaj的被告, 乌尔米亚, Kamyaran, 和 两名被拘留者 在叙利亚的非洲战役。 突厥活动家Javad Ahmadi Yekanli 被科伊市的县安全警察传唤。


小孩儿 are among the most vulnerable to human rights abuses in Iran. Over the past month, 四 wrongful child deaths were reported in the cities of Tehran, 法拉瓦尔詹 (Isfahan Province), Qaem Shahr (Mazandaran province) 和 (Isfahan Province).

伊朗社会应急热线的国家主任说,接到该中心的报告中有30%都在标记某种形式的“domestic violence,” 30% of which turn out to be child abuse cases. Of this 30%, 50% were related to educational negligence, 30% to physical abuse, 15% to psychological abuse, 和 4% to sexual abuse of children.

奥尔堡市社会福利部副主任玛丽安·塞迪吉(Maryam Sedighi)说,在奥尔堡市“ 123”个社会紧急求助电话中有12%—即平均每月40个电话—是虐待儿童的报告。

Reports indicate the rape of a young girl by her father in Tehran; a boxing coach accused of raping his teenage student; a father pouring boiling water over his 7-year-old daughter in Genaveh, Bushehr Province; 和 a teacher using corporal punishment on a pupil in Kazeroon, Fars Province.

Three juvenile suicides were also reported: one student in Rigan County, Kerman Province, 和 two teenage girls, aged 14 和 16, in the cities of Abadan 和 Sanandaj.


库尔德斯坦省Garmash村的小学生Donya Veisi因学校院子的一堵墙倒塌而丧生,成为自己学校失修的受害者。后来— amid allegations that Donya had in fact been raped 和 killed —库尔德斯坦检察官口头订婚调查此事。


妇女问题’s rights at sporting events gained heightened public attention this past month when, under pressure from FIFA to permit their entry into stadiums, a select number of Iranian women (most of them family members of players 和 federation employees) were finally allowed to witness a kickoff in person (Iran vs. Bolivia). Authorities’ exclusive selection criteria were highly criticized.

同时,设拉子的激进分子玛丽亚姆·阿扎德(Maryam Azad)离开该国前往土耳其时,在德黑兰机场被安全部队逮捕。

的 managing director of the office of forensic medicine in Kohkiluyeh 和 Boyer-Ahmad province indicated that, of the 429 domestic violence crimes recorded in his office over the past 6 months, 404 were incidents of violence by husbands against their wives.

Additional cases of violence against women included a man’s murder of his ex-wife when he failed to meet “mehrieh” obligations [a type of alimony settlement], 和 the circumstances surrounding one woman’s decision to set herself on fire in Mashad.


Laborers 和 Guilds

This past month was rythmed by strikes, sit-ins, 和 rallies organized by guilds 和 employees across sectors who demanded more secure working conditions.

商业运输: This past month, truck drivers in Iran went on a nationwide strike for the third time [in 12 months]. Over the course of their 20-day strike, at least 261 striking drivers in 19 different provinces were arrested 和 threatened with heavy sentences, 包括死刑。罢工者的要求确实取得了重大进展:经过多年的公会行动之后,高级运输协调委员会 批准了新的货运计量费率 被称为吨公里(tkm)方法,这是卡车司机最迫切的要求之一。尽管取得了部分胜利,但仍不清楚261名被拘留示威者的命运。

教育: 六位教育活动家 who participated in demonstrations May 10th were sentenced to 9 months in prison 和 74 lashings. Also reported was the conviction of schoolteacher 和 University of Tehran student 鲁霍尔拉·玛丹妮(Ruhollah Mardani),他今年年初因与全国抗议活动有关而被捕。萨克兹公共场所局召集了五名教师。

在伊朗教师联合会协调委员会(CCTSI)呼吁罢工之后, 伊朗老师上演静坐 [on October 14th 和 15th] to demand more liveable salaries 和 justice for their persecuted colleagues. Strike activity was recorded across the provinces of Kerman, Lorestan, 胡泽斯坦, Kermanshah, 伊斯法罕, Kurdistan, Alborz, Hamadan, Fars, Zanjan, Qom, Mazandaran, Tehran, North Khorasan, Ilam, East 和 West Azerbaijan, Kohgiluyeh 和 Boyer-Ahmad, Bushehr, Gilan 和 Hormozgan.

招商: 招商 罢工 against the many interconnected symptoms of Iran’s current recession, including unstable exchange rates, inflation, rising prices, 和 unemployment. Merchant strikes went on for two consecutive days in the cities of Karaj, Shahreza, Shahriar, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Tabriz 和 Sarab.

Two street vendors were reportedly beaten by municipal agents in Qazvin 和 Gorgan.

Health 和 环境:


情报人员阻止了一群环境记者,包括 Javad Heydarian, before they could board a flight to Germany for work. 的ir passports were confiscated.

Public concern over pollution 和 waste issues is ballooning, 和 [many citizens are critical of the government’s inaction in face of myriad threats to the public health].

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 和 the Iranian Ministry of the Interior, Iranians surpass the worldwide average of daily waste production (300 grams) by a whopping 400 grams every day.

Miandoab(西阿塞拜疆省)环境保护局局长宣布,该城市污染了Zarrinehroud河’s sugar factory, coupled with poor ecological management of the river 和 its dam system, has caused thousands of fish to die in the river.

High levels of air pollution were reported this month in the cities of Kerman, Mahshahr, Ramshir, Rigan, 和 the provinces of Sistan 和 Baluchestan 和 Kerman.

文化 Rights 和 Censorship


Two cultural directors from Sistan 和 Baluchestan province were summoned to the Intelligence office for attempting to host a peaceful community celebration.

Pending content modifications 和 the resolution of charges against the 首页 Video Entertainment Network, the Ministry of Culture 和 Islamic Guidance banned distribution of the network’s TV series “13 Shomali” (Northern 13), which previously aired on Saturdays.

Military 和 Law-Enforcement Power Abuses

Several citizens were killed as a result of power abuses 和 negligence by security forces this past month.

Police car chases, inappropriate shootings by border authorities, 和 authorities’ failure to warn civilians of road barriers led to 2 civilian injuries 和 5 civilian deaths in Iranshahr (Sistan 和 Baluchestan Province), Jask (Hormozgan Province) 和 Azadshahr (Golestan Province) 和 Razavi Khorasan.

Security forces reportedly assaulted fuel vendors in Saravan (Sistan 和 Baluchestan Province).

More than a dozen “Kulbars” [laborers who make their living carrying goods across border areas] were wounded 和 killed across the country, namely in Sardasht (West Azerbaijan Province), 皮兰沙尔 (West Azarbaijan Province), 乌尔米亚 (West Azerbaijan Province) Nowsud (Kermanshah Province), Marivan 和 Baneh (Kurdistan Province) 和 Ilam (Ilam province).

A prisoner in 乌尔米亚 was sentenced to hand amputation, 和 a robbery convict was dealt 74 lashes in public in the Zeberkhan Rural District (Nishapur County, Razavi Khorasan Province).




扎赫丹 Prisoner Attempts Pill Overdose

发表于: 2018年10月21日

人权 Activists 新闻 Agency (HRANA)- 2018年10月20日上午,扎哈丹囚犯Saeed Baravi(26岁)在当局拒绝解决Zahedan人员对他家人的指控后,试图服用过量的药。



“The judge’s secretary Mr. Nouri insulted the family 和 had them removed from the office,” the source said. “Mr. Baravi then met with Mr. Khosravi, the 扎赫丹 prison director, to deliver a letter objecting to the secretary’s conduct.”


扎赫丹监狱的压迫性和不卫生的生活条件造成了多起囚犯自杀,其中至少包括监狱当局的虐待和忽视行为。受当局继续忽视他的案件的困扰,死行囚犯赛义德·萨贝里(Saeed Saberi)在今年8月中旬因服药过量而自杀,当时他看到自己的名字从原定与监狱检察官坐下的囚犯名单中删除。 8月5日,也在死囚牢中的42岁的曼苏尔·穆罕默德·泽西(Mansour Mohammad Zehi)吞下剃须刀自杀,声称监狱工作人员没收了他的尸体,或“血钱”(这是谋杀家庭所定的价格)一些被告可以从死刑中解脱出来的受害者]。 HRANA在5月份报告了Mehdi Kouhkan的自杀事件,据报道,他因向隔离区的移送令而感到痛苦。