About the Band


Shifting Sands has been entertaining all ages with original music and crowd pleasing favorites from many genres including country western, classic rock, waltz, polka, Top 40 and more.  

The band formed in 1973 in Nebraska by Mike and Sharon Robb and they have had the privilege of working with talented musicians who have joined the band along the way. The band, comprised of talented musicians, has an extensive repertoire of songs.  

Highly versatile, The Shifting Sands Band has performed at many fairs, festivals, conventions and even traditional barn dances.  A wide range of venues and occasions are accommodated from casual to formal events. 

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard / Mike Robb
Vocals, Bass, Accordion / Sharon Robb
Vocals, Percussion / Jay Robb


Mike Robb

Mike’s musical roots extend back to childhood days of family gatherings and reunions where music was always included as a large part of the social function. Young and old alike were always encouraged to showcase their talents.

The highlight of Mike’s school days was probably playing his coronet in the junior high and senior high school band. He loved the marching and performing music for the various school activities.

His love of music became even more evident when he traded his motorcycle for a Gibson guitar and still owns today. It was a good choice as he has played in various small music groups and continued playing the guitar throughout his United States Air Force career with friends and fellow servicemen. Mike is an original member and co-founder of the Shifting Sands Band. He is musically versatile, playing guitar, keyboards and is a vocalist and songwriter.

Sharon ROBB

Sharon has been singing longer than she can remember, literally! She has been told that at the age of 2 or 3, she would sing out loudly as she and her mom walked the sidewalks of their small town while shopping.

Chosen for her, Sharon started playing the accordion at the age of 4. At school age, an elementary teacher recognized her singing ability, assigned her the solos in the Christmas programs and the love of music grew from that point. Sharon sang with a couple of local bands after high school. Later on, she learned how to play the bass guitar.

Sharon is an original member and co-founder of the Shifting Sands Band. She plays the accordion and bass guitar. She is a lead and harmony vocalist and songwriter.


It was a likely indication when, at 3 or 4 years of age, Jay started pulling pots and pans out of his Mom’s kitchen cabinets to assemble as his drum kit, that someday he would become a percussionist.

Jay loved listening to country music. He was also present at many rehearsals of his parent’s band and paid close attention to all the arrangements. His drum lessons began in the 4th grade. Jay played in the junior-senior high school band and while attaining his Audio-Recording degree, performed and toured with the college band.

Jay became a member of the Shifting Sands Band while in high school. He plays drums and is a lead and harmony vocalist.